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About us

Since I was a little girl I was always mesmerized by diamonds and jewelry. What small girl doesn’t love a jewelry with sparkle of beautiful diamonds? I remember myself as a teenager scribbling and designing jewelry that I would love to have myself in class. Never the less I also remember constantly getting yelled at by my teachers for not paying attention. Even though my dream was jewelry. At the time my parents convinced me to become an accountant and I did. After becoming and certified accountant. I worked in my filed for about five years but my heart and my mind was still with jewelry and diamonds which still was my dream!
I started Elyssa Jewelry in 2018. Designing and getting my designs manufactured all by myself. This went on for about a year. One of my very close friends introduced me to my now partner Adam who has been in in the jewelry business for the past 35 years and owning a diamond office and a jewelry manufactory plus a wholesale and a retail on 47th Street New York City at the heart of the diamond district. .
This was just a meeting for me to get some additional knowledge and suggestions from him as I wanted to get my business to grow. Yet one thing lead to another and after couple of conversations and me bombarding him with constant questions. He saw that this was my dream and I was willing to work nonstop to make my dream come true and where I wanted to see Elyssa Jewelry in the near future. He also liked my ideas and my designs and my vision. Then came the best thing I could have asked for. I had a partnership proposal and backing of a multi layered company which meant for me to create my dream designs starting from a scratch and manufacturing at the lowest prices possible and the highest quality of labor, gold, platinum diamonds and gems. What I can reach was basically limitless now. Of course I said Yes!
Since we have started our journey together as Elyssa Jewelry. Our goal has been to create designs for all age groups with immaculate quality, pieces that will give you joy wearing daily with a big smile on your faces and prices that are very affordable that can fit to any budget from low to high. In our manufactory every item is made carefully by hand. We do our own cad drawings. The highest theology is used so the items created are done 100%. Once the cad is created it will be printed (created) in to a wax. Then the item is casted into gold of any karat and color or platinum. From there it gets cleaned and pre polished and prepared for the diamond setter to work on setting the diamonds and the gems.

All of our gold, diamonds and gems are sourced ethically. That is extremely important to us.
Elyssa Jewelry is growing thanks to all of you out there supporting me. I cannot thank you enough. Yet I will still work relentlessly to keep it growing and creating designs to give a little of me to make your day an amazing day when you put on that piece of Elyssa creation.
I do believe in dreams and they do come True!!!